The region

Where are we located?

Our club La Pinède is located in an exceptional setting… Nestling amid the pines in Les Mathes, Charente-Maritime. Our club is not far from some wonderful tourist destinations, such as Royan, Oléron Island, or La Palmyre Zoo… Just 5 kilometres away, the waves of the Atlantic Ocean crash on Charente-Maritime’s beautiful beaches…

It’s easy to find your way around the club as soon as you arrive. You’ll feel right at home! Download our map to prepare for your holidays!

La Pinède and its surroundings

General geographical location

In South-West France, let yourself be swept away in Charente-Maritime… Between Gironde and Oléron Island, you can enjoy your holidays in unspoilt countryside by the ocean. Go on a bike ride, swim in the ocean, admire the animals at the zoo… Come to rest and recuperate in a region where nature is queen.

Near our club, you can go and see the lions roar at La Palmyre Zoo! For those who prefer sea life, head to La Rochelle Aquarium… Royan harbour is close enough for a daytrip. How about a boat ride around Fort Boyard at sunset? A magical moment!

Gems to discover nearby:

Tremble before the tigers at La Palmyre Zoo

Zoo de la Palmyre

For a day out with family and friends, try La Palmyre Zoo. 110 animal species await you there in its spacious grounds. Panthers, sea lions, gorillas, boas, elephants, penguins… Come and see majestic animals at the heart of the pine forest. An unforgettable outing!

Visit the Corderie Royale in Rochefort

Charente Maritime tourisme
Have you always admired old sailboats? Have you always wondered about the ropes used on ships? Find the answers to your questions by visiting the Corderie Royale (the old royal rope factory) in Rochefort. It’s a magnificent 17 th -century building where you can learn all about the most famous sailboats.

Take a bike ride on Oléron Island and see Fort Boyard

Fort boyard proche la rochelle

Oléron Island is one of the most beautiful islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Explore the island by bike or set off on a boat to discover Fort Boyard. You can enjoy its beautiful beaches, where you can spread out your towel and enjoy a dip in the sea. Chassiron Lighthouse stands at the north of the island… Climb up the steps, the view is worth the effort!

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