Our speciality – to help you discover the delights of the region!

The region is certainly not lacking in activities to whet your appetite, so we’ll take you on a little tour to discover the finest specialities!

Enjoy Marennes Oléron oysters

Marennes Oléron oysters are the pride of the region and they definitiely deserve their reputation. The principal characteristic of the Marennes Oléron basin consists of finishing in “claires”. This know-how has been handed down from generation to generation and guarantees our oysters their unique flavour.

Have we opened your appetite yet? It’s time to pay a visit to Cabane du Bout! There are no frills to this family cabin built in Marennes, only a fresh natural product. You can savour the specialities of the sea with a magnificent view of the Seudre!

Discover “sea beans”

Don’t be fooled by its seaweed-like appearance – salicornia, or marsh samphire, is an ancient vegetable that is rich in minerals! Long and thin as a bean, salicornia grows on the shores of saltwater lagoons and is harvested from May to August. These tender sea beans can be enjoyed in salads or omelettes and can even be pickled in vinegar. Would you like to try some?

Savour a cheese from the Middle Ages

Have you ever heard of caillebotte? These cow or ewe’s milk curds are a little like the ancestor of yoghurt, but less acidic! Very refreshing in summer, caillebotte can be enjoyed with strawberries, raspberries, fresh cream, or even a few drops of Pineau… So why not go and taste some directly on an organic farm? The preparation of caillebotte has remained very artisanal, much to the delight of gourmets!

Pineau for your aperitif

According to legend, Pineau des Charentes shares the same origin as Tarte Tatin… the result of an error by a vintner who unwittingly mixed grape must with cognac in a barrel! We can easily forgive his clumsiness… This sweet wine is an excellent aperitif and wonderfully pairs with desserts and foie gras!

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